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RMAF, Denver, CO, 2011

Sweet Music from High Water Sound - "Jeffrey has outstanding taste in music - he has that great ability of connecting the dots between seemingly disparate musical genres and artists - and his perspective on hi-fi is fresh, interesting, and distinct.",  Stereophile Blog, RMAF 2011, Stephen Mejias

RMAF 2011: Cessaro, TW Acustic, Thoress, Tron, Thales, Miyajima, Prana Wire - "It was the most amazing sonic moment of the show.  And for that perfect 10 minutes, the High Water Sound room gets my Best in Show award... NOW I know what they mean by 'dynamic swings'.  Mind-blowing.  Skull-ripping.  Joyous uncaring defiant screaming into the scorchingly cold void... Best Sound Ever.",  Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile

"One room I always try to make a beeline to visit is Jeffrey Catalano's High Water Sound.  Catalano is a connoisseur of fine sound.  This year he was demoing the fabled Cessaro Horn Acoustics Affascinate loudspeaker, which comes in at a cool $62,000 and, by Cessaro standards, is a bargain.  The $25,000 TW Acustic Limited table sounded lucid and unflappable.  It was, if I may use the term, a non-horny sound in the best sense", the absolute sound, RMAF 2011 Report - Analog Sources, Jacob Heilbrunn

CAPITAL AUDIOFEST, Rockville, MD, 2011

Highwater Sound - "Oh my. . . once you got used to the presentation, there was something very right about the sound in this room,",  Stereophile Blog, Capital AudioFest 2011, John Atkinson

CAF 2011:  Horning, Tron, TW Acustic, Thoress & SRA - "Jeff Catalano of High Water Sound is an analog wizard and his rooms have been, universally, the sources of not only high-quality sound but some seriously awesome grooving.", Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile

AXPONA, Atlanta, GA, 2011

High Water Sound: The All-Important Tear Factor, Stereophile Blog, AXPONA 2011, Stephen Mejias

A Day at Axpona 2011:  Horning, TW Acustic and Tron, Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile
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